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Drain and sewer camera inspecting systems have changed the way we analyze, diagnose and repair plumbing systems caused by broken pipes that are leaking, cracked, overflowing, or not draining properly. Sewer line and pipe inspection camera systems help us identify and find the exact location and problem of a water pipe, drain line, leak, or break so that we can recommend the most cost-friendly and efficient solution.

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With our camera systems, we also analyze, mark out and map out all of the underground storm and main sewer drain systems for major construction and remodeling projects.

Clogged pipes or drain clogs sometimes need additional cleaning with a drain snake or water better when tree roots, heavy grease, dirt, rocks, or rust are in the pipe to stop them from backing up again. Broken lines sometimes need only a quick spot repair or to have a slip liner installed, instead of digging up the whole pipe or replacing it.

We can inspect pipes from 2″ diameter to 48″ diameter for all types of pipe including water, drainage, electrical, gas, and communication conduits.

2nd Opinions are our speciality!!
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2nd Opinions are Our Specialty!!

Don’t dig right away!! Many companies pay high commissions to technicians who sell dig jobs. We Do Not!! Everyday, dishonest companies misuse camera inspections to oversell customers who don’t know they have far less expensive alternatives than to replace a pipe. Usually, tree roots, debris, and rust in pipes can be cleaned to 100% capacity without spending 10’s of thousands of dollars. Let us help you make the right decision and video camera inspect your leaking or clogged pipe issue. Call American Rooter today for a camera inspection service. 


Frequently Asked Questions

American Rooter has pushrod cameras, tractor cameras and mini cameras.  American Rooter can inspect pipes ranging from 1 1/2″ to 48″ diameter. Let our experienced technicians determine whether there is a problem or if the pipe is completely free and clear of roots, debris or objects.

We also camera inspect pool drains, chiller lines, electrical conduit, vacuum lines, water mains, steam and gas mains.

Our professional drain company in CT uses high tech sewer cameras to inspect and diagnose underground pipe issues without having to dig them up. With our pushrod cameras and tractor robot cameras, American Rooter can visibly diagnose whether there is a broken pipe, a shifted drain pipe, missing pipe, roots growing in the sewer drain, a grease clog, or dips & bellied pipes causing repeated blockages.

We camera inspect 2″ – 48″ diameter drain pipes everyday. The cameras are used in sewer, storm, and septic drains inside and outside of the building. Without the camera to properly diagnose an issue, other drain companies tend to recommend costly and unnecessary excavation or repairs. American Rooter also allows all customers to watch the cctv video inspection and offers dvd recordings of the inspection. Simply ask the drain inspector for the recording.

Also, with these cameras, American Rooter has even been able to creatively get precious jewelry and numerous other items out of pipes without the expense of digging up outside pipes or cutting open walls and plumbing.

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