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If you are experiencing an emergency and need a 24 hour plumber, please call 888.863.4638 immediately so we can send out a licensed technician. Our 24 hour plumbers have the experience to mitigate damages and take care of your issue in a timely manor. From simple to complex issues, you can rest assure that when we leave, your issue will have been taken care of. We’ve experienced it all.

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Whether the clogged drain is in a home, restaurant, business, factory or city system, American Rooter will have the solution. From a clogged toilet, sink, tub, or sewer drain; to a clog in a roof drain, gutter, basin or storm pipe, we’ll unclog it. Repeat and severe problems are no match for our techs that are equipped with the latest technology in Camera Inspection tools to diagnose these issues. For broken or damaged pipes we have trenchless pipe repair and excavation capabilities. Ask for details. You need a 24 hour plumber.

Common causes for clogged pipes:

Emergency Backups can Cause Uncontrolled flooding & Water Damage

Costly Cleanups & Wasted Time

High Insurance Claims


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24 / 7 / 365 Emergency Plumbing Services

If you believe the clog, leak, break or cirumstance is or might cause significant damage, please do not wait another moment and contact us so we can send out a trained technician to fix your issue.

We strive to have a licensed technician out to your home within 1 hour.

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