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For over 3 decades American Rooter has been chasing the Drain Villains, knocking out all clogged drains. In that time we've experienced it all. Our Drain Experts have seen everything from 40' underground root clogs to flooded basement nightmares; and our crews have cleared them all! Below are some of the many services we proudly provide to our valued customers.

Why do Septic Tanks need cleaning?
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The purpose is to minimize solid sewage particles from entering the leaching area. The solid levels in a tank build up after time. As the solid levels get higher, they are more easily carried out to the leach fields where they cause clogging and failure to the system. Replacement and repairs can easily exceed $5000.00 to $10,000.00. Regular cleaning is a much less expensive option. Call American Rooter today! 1-888-863-4638

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Helpful Tips:

  1. Know where your septic lids are.
  2. Pre-expose all lids prior to service.
  3. Have risers installed on all lids to minimize digging and mark their location for future service.
  4. Avoid using garbage disposals when possible. Food deposits may damage your leach field.

We will easily identify problem areas for excavation and provide you with a full underground survey of sanitary, storm or conduit piping. 1-888-863-4638

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Signs of a blocked Septic System:

Septic Pumping
Pump Trucks
Riser Installation
Leach Field Cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning and Leachfield Clearing Company

Septic pumping and leach field drain cleaning.

American Rooter can clean septic tanks on a scheduled regular basis or emergency service. Whether the septic tank is backing up into the house or you just want a preventive septic pump out, call American Rooter, The Drain ExpertsTM.

Septic tanks are designed to be pumped regularly. The frequency of a septic tank cleaning depends on the number of daily users. Generally, it is a good idea to pump a septic every 2-5 years to remove the harmful solids that build up on the floor of the tank. Once the solids get too high in the tank, they flow out to the leach field and clog the system.

Due to today's effluent filters installed on septic outlet pipes, tanks should be pumped more regularly. The septic filter often gets clogged prematurely and it should be cleaned every 6 – 12 months. If a septic filter gets clogged it is very important to pump down the septic water level in the tank before pulling the filter. Not doing so will cause harmful porous clogging effluent to enter and damage the leach field.

Most homeowners prefer to have a professional septic pumping company clean the filter regularly but some do it themselves. If you're paying for a filter cleaning, it is sometimes more cost effective to just pump the septic tank at the same time.

Clogged leach fields are also cleaned by American Rooter. If there is water in the yard near the tank or fields, it's a bad sign that the septic system is backing up or worse; failing. Sometimes the leach field could be clogged. It may be worth trying to clean the leach field pipes and inspect the leach fields if there are signs that the septic system is not draining past the septic tank. American Rooter, The Drain ExpertsTM, can snake and/or hydro-jet the leach field pipes; and camera inspect the drains to diagnose the septic leach field clog or break. Many times, the drains between the tank and distribution box can be blocked or broken which can be far less expensive than replacing the whole system. Before paying thousands of dollars to replace a septic system, call American Rooter, The Drain ExpertsTM for a complete diagnosis.