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For over 3 decades American Rooter has been chasing the Drain Villains, knocking out all clogged drains. In that time we've experienced it all. Our Drain Experts have seen everything from 40' underground root clogs to flooded basement nightmares; and our crews have cleared them all! Below are some of the many services we proudly provide to our valued customers.

Do you have a frozen pipe?
Let The Drain Experts fix your problem.

Think of The Drain Experts at American Rooter when Old Man Winter blows in. Our pipe thawing services are the perfect solution for frozen drain pipes, water lines, and heating pipes. If you suspect a frozen pipe call today, 1-888-863-4638.

Our Pipe Thawing Services include:

Tips to avoid the deep freeze:

  1. Winterize homes that are not used throughout the winter months.
  2. Seal off all drafts during the cold months.
  3. Insulate all plumbing in unheated areas (e.g. overhangs, basements, exterior walls)
  4. Heat all areas of the house to at least 50 deg F.
  5. Clean catch basins regularly. High debris levels cause snow and ice dams in the drains.
  6. If frozen pipes are suspected, shut off the water supply to those pipes. This will eliminate extreme flooding if the pipe bursts.

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Pipe Thawers for copper pipes
Water Jet frozen drains
Frozen copper pipe

Frozen Pipe Thawing
Drain and Plumbing Pipe Defrosting Company

American Rooter, The Drain Experts can unclog frozen drain pipes and defrost plumbing or heating pipes that are frozen. In extended periods of 2 – 3 days in colder weather below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, American Rooter usually experiences an increase in calls for help with the following: frozen drains, plumbing pipes freezing, water lines that are froze and heat pipes that iced up.

Shallow underground sewer pipes, poor pipe insulation, poor wall insulation, no heat, or drafty areas in the building are common causes for pipes freezing. Pipes constantly full of water, like heat pipes or hot and cold water plumbing, are constantly at risk of freezing if they are not running. Drain pipes are at less of a risk of freezing unless they have a very slow trickle or if the pipe is clogged and holding water. However, shallow septic leach field pipes tend to be higher risk because of their shallow depths and exterior exposure to the cold.

If you suspect that a drain pipe or water pipes are frozen, the best action to try yourself is to heat the area with space heaters and if possible close it off from any cold or drafts. Drains or pipes in basements, garages, cellars, and external walls of the house or building are commonly found frozen so pipes in these areas should always be well insulated to protect them from freezing.

Copper water lines for hot and cold water supply or hot water heat are usually the easiest to de-ice using American Rooter's electric current de-icer. However, pipes sometimes get damaged from the water freezing and ice expanding. So copper lines sometimes require repairs to stop the leaks where the ice pushed the joints apart or split the pipe. Unfortunately these further repairs are only obvious after restoring flow to the lines in most cases.

Frozen plastic water pipes or pvc heat pipes can only be defrosted by direct heat and are sometimes harder to fix in hard to reach areas. Direct heat on the pipe, wall, ceiling or floor where the pipe is located can usually thaw the pipe over a long period of time.

Call American Rooter for help to unfreeze your drain pipes if heating the area is impossible or unsuccessful. Frozen drain pipes can be more difficult to defrost and unclog than most other pipes. To fix frozen drain pipes, American Rooter, The Drain Experts are equipped with the knowledge and tools to diagnose the frozen area and almost always unfreeze the drain before leaving the jobsite. American Rooter uses electric conducting defrosters, water-jetters, space heaters, heat guns, and hot water hoses to unclog frozen drains. We can also make invaluable recommendations to help prevent the pipe from freezing again.