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For over 3 decades American Rooter has been chasing the Drain Villains, knocking out all clogged drains. In that time we've experienced it all. Our Drain Experts have seen everything from 40' underground root clogs to flooded basement nightmares; and our crews have cleared them all! Below are some of the many services we proudly provide to our valued customers.

Have a flooded basement or outside area?
The Drain Experts will handle it!

Floods in basements and other areas can cause thou- sands of dollars in damages quickly and without notice. Call American Rooter for help when you're under water. We'll pump out the water, determine if it's a drain pro- blem and unclog it if required.

Our Drain Experts are equipped with:

Flooding Tips:

  1. Keep all basement storage elevated on shelves, racks, or pallets.
  2. Periodically clean and check all basement drains and their outlets.
  3. Maintain catch basins and yard drains and their outlets to prevent sand, leaves, brush and material from clogging them.
  4. Call American Rooter and have them send a Drain Expert right away!

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Flooding water in a home or building is usually caused by one of the following three things; a blocked or broken drain pipe for the storm or sewer system, a broken water pipe, or heavy torrential rains that over capacitate these systems. Call American Rooter, The Drain ExpertsTM to diagnose any of these issues.

For clogged drain flooding, American Rooter cleans and clears all blocked pipes and repairs all broken underground pipes. Internal leaking and broken plumbing pipes are referred to a trusted plumber in our plumbing referral network.

Water in flooded basements can be pumped out with different kinds of pumps. American Rooter carries all types of pumps to pump out basements. Floor pumps, sump pumps, and centrifugal pumps are all used by American Rooter, The Drain ExpertsTM to remove water from flooded basements. Most basements can be pumped within 1/8" of water. The remaining 1/8" must be removed by vacuum equipment or wet vacs.

Unusual flooding in an area where water is not usually present is a sign that something is wrong. A professional flood company like American Rooter should be called immediately to diagnose the situation because flooded areas are hazardous for various reasons.

Common flooding seen by American Rooter is described below. Read on to learn what the possible causes are and what can be done to stop the flooding.

Water flooding in a sink, tub or toilet are common signs that there is a drain blockage. Water always seeks the lowest level possible. Depending on where the blockage is, the flood can occur in the basement or in a lower level bathroom or kitchen.

Sewer water flooding out of a washer drain or water flooding into the washer machine in the basement is a sign that the main sewer drain or septic pipe is blocked. The basement sink can also have a water backup flood into it if one exists.

Sewage water coming out of any drain is a sign that the sewer is blocked somewhere. Flooding from sewers is common but should be taken seriously due to the health hazards and possible damage or cleanup costs if left alone.

Water flooding out of a basement floor drain can be due to a blocked sewer or storm drain, clogged gutter drain, a curtain drain clog, or foundation drain blockage.

Toilets often overflow over the toilet seat when they are clogged. If the toilet overflows when no one is flushing the toilet, then something is clogged in the main sewer pipe. The lowest toilet or tub in a house is usually the first place a flood occurs when the pipe is blocked.

Toilet tank overflows are a result of the fill valve mechanism in the tank. If water over flows over the top of the toilet tank, not the bowl, the toilet fill valve needs replacement.

Leaking water in a wall or ceiling can be from a clogged or broken drain, from a broken water supply line, or from a leaking heat pipe. Water damage can cause ceilings to collapse or walls to rot out if the leak is not fixed, so be sure to call a professional immediately.

Periods of heavy rain can surge the sewer or storm systems and cause uncontrollable flooding. In some of these cases, nothing can be done to stop the flooding until the storm passes. Blocking the drains, using sand bags, and installing pumps is usually possible to limit the amount of water damage when this happens.