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For over 3 decades American Rooter has been chasing the Drain Villains, knocking out all clogged drains. In that time we've experienced it all. Our Drain Experts have seen everything from 40' underground root clogs to flooded basement nightmares; and our crews have cleared them all! Below are some of the many services we proudly provide to our valued customers.

Do you have a broken drain?
Call American Rooter, The Drain Experts

Does your drain have roots growing in it? Even after removing a tree the roots can still grow causing you problems in the future. If your drain pipe is broken, collapsed, shifted, or dipped, excavation may be your best solution. American Rooter will correctly diagnose your situation and may offer alternatives to excavation that will save you money. If excavation is out of the question, our Pipe Lining solution is an excellent alternative, prohibiting root growth in pipes.

We excavate storm drains, outlets, we even perform pond dredging!

Do you have a buried cleanout or manhole? These access points are important in the event of a blockage and may require excavation for clearing the blocked drain. American Rooter will find them and bring them up to ground level, correcting your issue.

Before you dig:

  1. Perform camera inspections to confirm the pipe break
    (a camera will reveal if it's broken or just clogged).
  2. Explore alternative repair options.
  3. Ask about our trenchless repair services.
  4. Always Call Before You Dig (C.B.U.D.).

American Rooter will mark-out and call C.B.U.D. for the proper location of all underground utilities as required.

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Broken Sewer Pipe
Trench Digging
Pond Dredging

Sewer Pipe Excavation and Storm Drain Repair Company

Excavation repairs for broken, leaking, collapsed, or shifted drains.

A broken sewer main or drain pipe underground can be repaired by American Rooter, The Drain ExpertsTM. Whether the broken pipe is in the floor of a basement or building, or if the drain pipe break is outside below ground, American Rooter is equipped to fix the broken drain.

Fixing broken drains is vital to preventing floods in basements, homes or buildings from sewer main lines, storm gutters, footing and curtain drains. If you need an excavation service company to fix your broken drain below ground, call American Rooter, The Drain ExpertsTM. Our drain excavation service is reliable and available 24 hrs a day.

Although American Rooter can clear all clogged drains, some clogged pipes have much more severe issues and they're broken underground. Most drains need to be snaked or water jetted first to determine if they are broken or clogged. Many times even a broken drain can be unclogged and a camera inspection can be used to verify that the drain is broken. In worst case scenarios, the drain can't be opened, but the broken pipe can be located with pipe locating tools used by American Rooter.

When a drain is determined to be broken it's important to get it repaired as soon as conveniently possible. If the drain can't be temporarily unblocked it's most often necessary to do an emergency repair right away without the option of waiting. However, a second opinion is always recommended when a drain cleaning company recommends an underground repair. American Rooter has senior techs verify every broken drain prior to recommending a dig repair. Some other companies thrive off of underground repair sales, so be extremely careful. Excavation repairs are expensive and not always needed regardless what a contractor may say. American Rooter is not one of those companies who promote unnecessary repairs because our techs are not paid commission for those repairs. If the company recommending doing a dig repair pays their techs commission, chances are you are walking into a trap. Take our advice and get a 2nd opinion ASAP. We save dozens of homeowners and business owners from other predatory companies every year.

When a drain is officially determined to be broken but can be unblocked, it's still important to start planning for the repair as soon as possible. A temporary fix allows the benefit of being able to price compare, save, and plan for the repair. So use that temporary time wisely. The next time you may not be so lucky and end up with an emergency repair which in most cases ends up costing 2 to 3 times more expensive.